Top 5 – Smart Toys & Gadgets For Kids

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Qrates lets you press your hot beats onto vinyl

Hello, fellow young people! I, like you, love vinyl. It offers richer, more realistic (pet) sounds and it is great for lugging from squat house to squat house and for sharing on a portable record player while you enjoy some fine beverages on the front stoop of your Williamsburg duplex. But how can you press…


Panasonic MJ-L500 Slow Juicer – Review

What is the Panasonic MJ-L500 Slow Juicer? Compact, efficient and versatile, the MJ-L500 combines everything you’d want in a juicer. Using a technique of “slow juicing”, which squeezes fruit and vegetables at 45rpm rather than dicing and spinning at speed, it’s designed for maximum extraction with minimal effort. The lower speeds also result in reduced…


Dropbox employee’s password reuse led to theft of 60M+ user credentials

Dropbox disclosed earlier this week that a large chunk of its users’ credentials obtained in 2012 was floating around on the dark web. But that number may have been much higher than we originally thought. Credentials for more than 60 million accounts were taken, as first reported by Motherboard and confirmed by TechCrunch sources. The revelation of…


5 Best Camping Gears You Must Have

Best Camping gears/gadgets/accessories/equipment You Must Have. From tents to stoves, we have it all covered in the video. All of them are my fav, what do … source


It might be a Waze off, but Google has a plan to take on Uber

Google is reportedly readying to expand its Waze Carpool service, a move that would put the search giant in direct competition with Uber and Lyft as both companies offer carpool services. The news comes from a person familiar with the matter speaking to The Wall Street Journal. Google began a pilot program for Waze Carpool…


YI 4K Action Camera review – CNET

GoPro might be the undisputed leader in the action cam market, but its cameras are not without weaknesses. The greatest of those at the moment is age: GoPro’s top Hero4 Black camera was released nearly two years ago. The YI 4K Action Cam kicks the cane right out from under that elderly camera by using…


Pebble update gives users more info at-a-glance and quicker actions

Pebble is getting ready to start shipping new hardware, including the Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2, but first it has something for both iPhone and Android based device owners. The new Pebble software update includes some big tweaks to how Pebble operates, both for end users and developers, including improvements to actions and a brand new…


Nine-year-old boy prints a mechanical hand for his teacher

Calramon Mabalot is a pretty wild kid. He likes 3D printing and, along with his brother, he builds lots of cool projects – including a mechanical hand for a local teacher he met while building 3D projects. In an interview with 3DPrintingIndustry, Mabalot described how he designed and built a prosthetic hand complete with full…


Alphabet’s David Drummond leaves Uber’s board amid mounting competition

David Drummond, who joined Uber’s board of directors in August 2013, stepped down several weeks ago, Uber has confirmed to TechCrunch. The Wall Street Journal first reported the news. At first blush: no surprise whatsoever. Earlier this month, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said the company’s first fleet of self-driving cars would begin running in Pittsburgh soon (as…


Top 5 tips when buying business laptops

Introduction Laptops are far more common now than they ever were in businesses and enterprises. Falling prices as well as a clear focus from component vendors on thin-and-light laptops, and a drive to decrease power consumption, means that there’s barely any difference, price-wise, between laptops and desktops of equivalent specifications, once you throw in the…